Happy Springtime from ODNP!

Art Nouveau illustration of three nymphs

Patent medicine advertisement from Portland Morning Oregonian, March 3, 1900, p.3

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2 comments on “Happy Springtime from ODNP!
  1. Andre says:

    Can you imagine how unglued people would become if something like this was published in the Register-Guard? (I’m talking about the image of the two women, of course, and not the quackery.)

    • uodigcol says:

      Interesting observation, Andre. The illustration is in the Art Nouveau style that was enjoying its height of popularity around the time of publication (1900). This would have been viewed as ‘Continental’ but not especially controversial imagery in those days: it was highbrow stuff, all the rage in Europe–tasteful enough to sell Celery Tonic to Americans! The historic newspapers offer continuous reminders of how popular perceptions change with the times.

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