Beta Site Update

Just want to keep the link to our Historic Oregon Newspapers beta site near the top of the Blog’s home page.

You can (usually!) test the interface and view newspaper pages here:

Disclaimer: Access is expected to be intermittent throughout the beta period. Also, some computers/networks may have firewalls preventing users from accessing the site. We cannot provide tech support for those users; however, they may be assured that these problems are only expected to occur during the beta period.

Image from archival microfilm with pencil accidently left on filmed document

Oops... A micro-filmer's error from decades past, preserved for posterity in the Permanent Library Records. Technical difficulties have a history, too!

We apologize for any inconvenience you may encounter in trying to access the site while we are in beta (development) phase. As some users have been bringing to our attention, it does ‘crash’ more frequently than we’d like, especially at the times of day when Internet traffic grows heavy. Bear with us and please keep trying back if you find it’s down–whenever possible, we do try to reboot as soon as we discover a problem. We are still working out the kinks in the new software along with our partners at the Library of Congress: when all is said and done, the wait will have been worth it. Promise!

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