New paper from Newberg, OR!

Newberg Graphic. (Newberg, OR.) December 22, 1888, page 1.

We have recently been able to add a new paper to the Oregon Historic Newspapers website, this time coming from Newberg, OR! Thanks to the generosity of the Newberg Public Library, ODNP has been able to digitize a large span of the Newberg Graphic, one of the historic newspapers from Newberg dating back to 1888. The large span of the Graphic we now have available, from 1888 to 1922, records the growth and development of Newberg and interestingly, small snippets from the early life of our 31st United States President Herbert Hoover.

In 1885, Herbert (Bert) Hoover moved to Newberg, OR at age 9 after both his parents passed away. Though Hoover moved to Salem to work with his uncle at age 13, he continued to visit his friends and family in Newberg and thus remained a figure in the local news section of the Graphic. These entirely commonplace mentions offer insight into the young president when he was still regarded as a regular small town Oregon boy.

Newberg Graphic. (Newberg, OR.) December 29, 1888, page 3.

Newberg Graphic. (Newberg, OR.) February 16, 1889, page 3.

To see more of the Newberg Graphic, feel free to browse the large span of issues we have digitized on our website. This title, as with all our historic newspapers, can be browsed and searched by keyword thanks to optical character recognition (OCR). In addition, content can be downloaded as a PDF or JPEG file and saved for future reference or research purposes. All of these services are free and open to the public, so don’t wait and take a look at Oregon’s historic newspapers today!

Newberg Graphic. (Newberg, OR.) March 30, 1889, page 3.

Newberg Graphic. (Newberg, OR.) July 13, 1889, page 3.

Newberg Graphic. (Newberg, OR.) June 14, 1890, page 3.

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