Fundraising How-To Guide

Thank you for your interest in the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program! This guide will outline and describe the basics of direct fundraising, best practices for grant applications, and a list of possible sources of funding to assist with the digitization of your newspaper title(s).

Fundraising can feel like a daunting task, but this guide aims to make the process clearer and easier for you.

The most important part of fundraising is understanding your passion for the project and why it is worth supporting. Think about why you, or your institution, are invested in this project. What about this collection of newspapers is important for saving into perpetuity on the Historical Oregon Newspapers website? After answering this question you are ready to start the process of fundraising!

Follow these links below for more detailed resources to help you with your fundraising:

Direct Fundraising

Grant Writing Best Practices

Selling Your Digitization Project

Possible Grants and Other Resources

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