Social Sciences – Grade 4

Historic newspapers are ideal resources for Oregon history lessons aimed at fulfilling Oregon Common Core State Standards for Grade 4 Social Sciences. Below is a list of applicable standards and lesson plans that support each standard using Historic Oregon Newspapers in the classroom.  Additionally, we have compiled a list of newspaper articles by topic related to Oregon and Oregon history, for quick and easy use in existing lessons.

Historical Knowledge

4.1. Identify and describe historic Native American Indian groups that lived in Oregon prior to contact with Europeans and at the time of early European exploration, including ways these groups adapted to and interacted with the physical environment.

4.2. Explain how key individuals and events influenced the early growth and changes in Oregon.

Historical Thinking

4.5. Distinguish between fact and fiction in historical accounts by comparing documentary sources on historical figures and events with fictional characters and events in stories.

4.6. Create and evaluate timelines that show relationships among people, events, and movements in Oregon history.

4.7. Use primary and secondary sources to create or describe a narrative about events in Oregon history.


4.9. Explain the influence of Oregon and the Northwest’s physical systems on humans, including Native Americans.

4.10. Compare and contrast varying patterns of settlements in Oregon, past and present, and consider future trends.

4.11. Identify conflicts involving use of land, natural resources, economy, and competition for scarce resources, different political views, boundary disputes, and cultural differences within Oregon and between different geographical areas.

4.12. Explain how people in Oregon have modified their environment and how the environment has influenced people’s lives.

Civics and Government

4.15. Describe and evaluate how historical Oregon governments affected groups within the state (citizens, foreigners, women, class systems, minority groups, tribes).

Economics/Financial Literacy

4.17. Analyze different buying choices and their opportunity costs while demonstrating the difference between needs and wants.

4.18. Identify key industries of Oregon.

Social Science Analysis

4.20. Describe the sequence of events in given current and historical accounts.

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