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Highlights from the IFLA Newspaper Conference: Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 4-5, 2014

The International Federation of Library Associations’ (IFLA) Newspaper group recently convened in Salt Lake City for a two-day conference focused on “Spreading the News.” Representatives from across the United States, as well as from other countries such as Finland, the

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Newspaper Image Quality and Oregon City History

The latest additions to the Historic Oregon Newspapers website come once again from Oregon City, but there is more to this story than just an announcement of new content! As you browse through Historic Oregon Newspapers online, you might wonder

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The History of Tattoos in Early Oregon Newspapers

From the sailors of yesteryear to the hipsters of today, there have always been Oregonians who are inclined to “get inked.” The Oregon-centric IFC sketch comedy series Portlandia has gone so far as to declare this the place where “the

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