1912 Fireworks Show

Hope everyone had a fun and festive July Fourth.

Oregonians have long been accustomed to celebrating the holiday with fireworks… as the front page of the July 4, 1912 Klamath Falls Evening Herald will attest. Note the article occupying the three center columns in the lower half of the page: ‘Magnificent Display Fire-works On Lake To-night.’

The paper records a full itinerary of the pyrotechnic novelties to be shot off that evening. Apparently, 1912 citizens and guests of Klamath Falls enjoyed a show of ‘Aerial Wrigglers,’ ‘Fire Swans’, ‘Meteorites,’ ‘Monster Glow Worms,’ ‘Floating Gyroscopes’ and even a battery of  ‘President Taft Inauguration Bombs.’ How did your local fireworks show compare in 2010?

Just a timely little reminder to explore the Oregon newspaper content that’s recently been made available on Chronicling America!

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