New content from West Linn, Oregon!

The Oregon Digital Newspaper Program is excited to announce the addition of our first content from West Linn, Oregon! The Amplifier, now available for browsing on our website, was the school newspaper at West Linn High School. Able to claim an impressive publication record of nearly 100 years, The Amplifier has been up and running since 1921! Our added issues cover a date range from April 29, 1983 to April 1, 2011, and provide an inside look at the Oregon high school experience! This project was made possible by the generosity of the West Linn Historical Society.

The Amplifier. (West Linn, OR.) April 29, 1989, page one.

Flipping through the digitized pages of The Amplifier, different facets of high school life fill the pages. These memories, perhaps some of which we never thought we would have to think of again (school lunch, the SAT and ACT, school dances, etc.), are presented with an authenticity only a student currently experiencing these events could provide.

The Amplifier. (West Linn, OR.) April 29, 1983, page two.

The Amplifier. (West Linn, OR.) March 1, 2009, page four.

Many of the titles the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program has available offer an incredible glimpse of life and nostalgia for the generations alive during their publication. The newly added Amplifier provides a unique opportunity for younger generations to look back on nostalgic events from their own adolescence.

The Amplifier. (West Linn, OR.) December 1, 2008, page six.

If you want to learn more about what high school was like in West Linn, Oregon, or look back on your own high school experience, take a look at the digitized issues of The Amplifier on the Historic Oregon Newspapers website! Doing research through ODNP is easy thanks to optical character recognition (OCR), which allows all of our newspapers to be keyword searchable. In addition, The Amplifier, as well as all of our digitized titles, can be downloaded as a PDF or JPEG file and saved for future reference or research purposes. All of these services are free and fully available to the public, so don’t hesitate and take a look at Oregon’s historic newspapers today!

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